Zar Data Recovery

ZAR Data Recovery – How You Can Restore Lost Data

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There are many ways in which you might accidentally lose your data. Your computer may get a virus that wipes out all your data, or someone may accidentally reformat or delete the data. The good news is that there are solutions that will allow you to recover your lost data.

One of the solutions to recover lost data is by use of the Zero Assumption Recovery (ZAR) software. The ZAR data recovery software is designed for use in the operating system of Microsoft Windows. The software is suitable for use, whether you own a business, or for your own personal use.

Systems that use ZAR data recovery

You can use ZAR data recovery for Windows and Linux. You can use the software for systems such as Linux ext 2/3/4 and Windows FAT. ZAR works from Windows and is able to recover FAT 16/32 as well as NTFS and NTFS 5 volumes. ZAR is able to support NTFS compression and can also support long file names and national file names.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a device that uses multiple disks and is used as a file server and several clients can access it. NAS devices normally work under the Linux operating system. When recovering data from a NAS device, the device has to be disbanded and the drives connected to a computer. ZAR software can then be used to retrieve the data.

How to use ZAR for data recovery

ZAR software has the ability to scan your hard drive and can retrieve files which are damaged or that have been formatted. It is therefore important to know how to use ZAR data recovery software.

In order to get the ZAR data recovery software free download, you simply go to the ZAR website. You then go to the ZAR downloads page and download the General File Recovery installer. This free version comes with its limitations. One of the limitations is that you can only select files that are in four folders. In addition, you will not be able to restore all the files in the folders at once. You will need to make several passes before you can have all your data restored.

Using a license key

In order to effectively restore your data, you can opt to use the ZAR data recovery license key. You will need to pay about US $ 49.95 for one session of data restoration. If your hard drive is damaged, you need to put it in another system and then install ZAR in that system. You can also opt to create a Windows flash drive that is bootable and then install ZAR onto this device. You can then connect the flash drive to the damaged system and then boot from a USB device.

Benefits of using ZAR

ZAR software is able to restore various kinds of data including images. ZAR data recovery review by users shows that the software can recover 100 percent of deleted files and up to 99 percent of damaged files for some users. Other users have shown satisfaction with the speed of recovery which can go up to 18.75 GB per hour. The photo recovery abilities of ZAR have also given users great satisfaction.