Snapchat Data Recovery

Snapchat Data Recovery – Your Data Recovery Options

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Snapchat is an app that allows you to share photos and videos, and has a feature that deletes the photos within the time limit you set. When you share your photos or videos, you can set a time limit of between 1 and 10 seconds within which the recipient can view them. They will then be automatically deleted after being viewed.

This also applies to the messages you send on Snapchat. The photos, videos and messages are also deleted when they expire. You may want to share certain videos or photos and are wondering if you can retrieve the deleted data. You will be glad to know that there are Snapchat recovery tools available that can enable you to restore your lost data.

Data recovery on iPhone

You can use Snapchat data recovery iPhone software such as the Fucosoft iPhone Data Recovery software to recover data from your iPhone. You first need to download the software onto your computer and run it. You then click data recovery and then select recover from iOS device. You then connect your iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. You can then select the file types that you want to recover and click on start scan.

Once the program has completed the scan, you can preview the photos and videos that have been found. You will find then under the App photos and App videos categories. You can then select the photos and videos that you want and click on recover, after which they will be saved onto your computer. This is how to recover deleted snaps from Snapchat.

Data recovery on Android

You can recover your deleted data from Snapchat by using data recovery software such as the EaseUS MobiSaver for Android software. The first step is to download the software to your computer and then connect your device to the computer. You can then launch the program and click on start. The program will detect your device and will begin the scan to check for all lost data.

The files will come up and you can preview them and select the ones you want to recover. You can select the “only display deleted items” option so that only the deleted files are displayed. After selecting your preferred files, you need to click “recover” and the files will be saved onto your computer.

Remote access to your iPhone

There is spying software available for cell phones where you can keep track of the phone data. IPhone can be tracked even when you do not have physical access to the phone. You can access data such as photos, videos, text messages, call logs and emails among other data. You can use the spy app as a Snapchat data recovery app.

You need to have the iPhone physically when installing the spy app. When the app has been installed, it captures the data on the iPhone and sends it to web account that is secured. You can then access the account from any device as long as it has an internet connection. You can therefore use this Snapchat data recovery iPhone non jailbreak option to recover all your Snapchat data.