Iphone Attempting Data Recovery

Iphone Attempting Data Recovery – Steps Towards Recovering Your Data

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If you own an iPhone, you would probably update to new iOS versions either wirelessly or through iTunes. Updates allow you to enjoy new and exciting features and should not interfere with the workings of your phone.

You may, however, come across a scenario where a screen written ‘Attempting data recovery’ pops up when you are updating iTunes. This is a fairly new issue and you may be wondering what this iPhone attempting data recovery is all about. The ‘attempting data recovery’ screen will normally only show up when iOS is updating through iTunes. Once iOS is done updating, your data should all be recovered automatically.

Attempting data recovery after update

Oftentimes, the attempting data recovery screen will go off after the update is complete and your data will all be available. However, your phone may get stuck on the attempting data recovery screen, and nothing happens from there. When your phone is stuck on the screen that shows iPhone attempting data recovery iOS 11, you can try to restart the phone and see whether the process will be completed.

To deal with an iPhone 7 attempting data recovery issue, you can press the power key while at the same time pressing the volume down key. You should wait until you see the Apple logo, after which the phone will restart. All your data should be available once the phone is up and running again.

Losing data after updating

On the other hand, you may discover that you have lost data once the attempting data recovery process is done. You can restore your data if you had backed it up on iCloud or iTunes. You can do this by connecting your phone to the computer using a USB cable. You can then run iTunes, which will automatically recognize that the phone is on recovery mode. You will then be prompted to recover the data from a backup.

Once you recover your data, any data that is presently on your phone such as the settings and apps will be replaced by the backed up data. You may end up losing recent data that you had saved on your phone if you had not backed up your data in a while.

Attempting data recovery failed

When your phone shows ‘iPhone attempting data recovery failed’, then you need to recover your data using an application such as the PhoneRescue for iOS or the MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS. The application scans your phone and displays all the items on your phone, even those that have been deleted. You can restore different types of data such as contacts, photos, text messages and notes either to your phone or to the computer.

If you are stuck at the ‘iPhone attempting data recovery’ loop and you want to retrieve data from your device using an application, you can choose one of several recovery options. You will have the options of recovering data from your iOS device, from the iTunes backup file or from the iCloud backup file. If you want to recover data from your iOS device, only data that had not been overwritten can be restored.