FonePaw Android Data Recovery Review

FonePaw Android Data Recovery Review – The Safe Way To Recover Your Data

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The FonePaw Android Data Recovery program enables you to recover data that has been deleted from your phone. You can recover the phone numbers related to your text messages, as well as the content of the messages and dates when the messages were sent or received.

FonePaw allows you to retrieve the names and phone numbers of deleted contacts, and you can also retrieve deleted emails. You can also access photos, videos and documents from your Android device as well as your WhatsApp messages.

FonePaw android data recovery review is great because the software can retrieve data from a variety of phones. Some of these phones include Samsung, Sony, LG and HTC.

How safe is FonePaw?

As you consider using FonePaw to access your data, you may be wondering: is FonePaw safe to use? This is a valid concern since it is always important to ensure the safety of any software that you will use on your device. Before you download the software on your computer, it will first pass through the security of the website such as the Norton Safe Web.

Many a user has provided their FonePaw android recovery review that has shown that the software has been safely installed and was found to be clean. The software protects the security of your device during data recovery so that you do not end up with a virus or with data that has been altered.

FonePaw Android Data Recovery software has a Safety Database which guides the program on how to scan the data during retrieval to ensure that the data is kept safe.

How FonePaw recovers data

You first need to download the FonePaw android data recovery software onto your computer. You then connect you phone to the computer through a USB cable. You need to ensure that the USB debugging option on your phone has been enabled. Once you have connected the phone, a screen will pop up requesting for permission to access the data on your phone. You should select the option allow to enable the program access your data.

The program will then scan the data on your phone and will be able to pick out the existing data and any data that has been deleted. The program will however not be able to retrieve data that has been overwritten. You will be able to retrieve your data with no harm done either to your device or to your data.

Downloading the software

The FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery download is software which enables you to recover data from iOS devices. You can restore your call history, messages, video and audio files, WhatsApp messages, photos and other documents. Once you have downloaded the software to your computer, you simply need to connect your iOS device to the computer to recover your data.

You can recover your data from the backup that is automatically stored in iTunes or you can recover data from your backup in iCloud. To recover data from your iCloud backup, all you have to do is sign in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID and your password. The data that is retrieved is not saved directly onto your device but is saved onto your computer.